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DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0

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hunt for a deer in varios parts of the world with some modern weapons

By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As the title suggests the player ends up hunting for a deer and also in the process of a hunting a deer theplayer ends up hunting bears,wolves and also many other animals.As the game advances the player is taken to a different setting that is Africa to hunt for hyenas,wilderbeast and other world animals.The good thing is that a player has a gun a rifle and also many other more weapons that he uses in the hunting journey and so he doesn’t have to fear for his life as he can protect himself with the weapons.One can also modify his weapons as he progresses in the game.The game has also different missions in which the player has to successfully go through this missions.


The following are the features for deer hunter 1.0.4 and play it on your smartphone.

Variety of hunting weapons.

Upgrade of weapons.

Different settings to hunt from i.e north America,central Africa etc.


Deer hunter with modem weapons for efficiency.


  • there are modern weapons to use in the game
  • easy to use interface for the players


  • refreshing energy for the player takes quite a long time
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be a good hunter and use weapons to hunt for a deer and take it down

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I started by laughing when I first downloaded this game and then I started playing it because I could have never imagined myself as a hunter in all my life. All you start by seeing is an amazing map of the whole world and you get to choose the places where you are going to showcase your hunting skills. You are going to have several weapons at your disposal for you to carry out your mission and the weapons include riffles, shortguns and so on. The graphics of the game are in 3d and therefore you see yourself as though you are in a real forest hunting for a deer. The weapons also can be bought or you can customize them so as to have an effective gun or weapon to be used in your hunting mission.


The game has 3d graphics

The game has several setting for the forest to hunt your deer for example in central Africa and also in America

There are several weapons to use

There are a variety of animal species in the game


Have a great adventure hunting for world animals


  • it offers a very good adventure
  • it has some awesome 3d graphics


  • sometimes my game used to lag
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Deer Hunter 2014 application user review for phpNuke by James Meyette.

By James Meyette

On Monday, October 6, 2014

Deer hunter 2014 is the latest hunting game released from Glu, The android market has a lot of titles on it currently but most lack a certain amount of quality. Glu is one developer that this is not true for and Deer Hunter 2014 holds very true to this.

Though the game is titles deer hunter you do not only hunt for deer you end up hunting a very large variety of things such as Bear, Wolves, Coyote’s and other hunted wildlife, this also will change depending on the location that you are in based upon level. Such as if you have made it through the first area then you will be brought to Africa, and will be hunting for things such as Hyena, wildebeest and other wildlife that you would expect to see In the African safari.

The only thing not to like in my book is the limited amount of energy that you have, which only allows you to go on about 10 hunts on the first area.

Overall Deer Hunter 2014 is a great title that has held up to all of the legacy versions. Minus the ability to continuously hunt throughout the game due to using the energy.


  • Fun t play and great graphics
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Instructions are accessible and easy to understand


  • You are limited to about 10 hunts until your energy has refreshed
  • The energy takes a long time to refresh.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • single player enjoyment to improve my hand eye coordination. I played this game years ago and really enjoyed playing against my wife for biggest trophy.

  • to play and to practice my hand eye coordination, i dont see myself as a hunter but my son is trying to help me get better from a stroke I had last year

  • I will be using this program for personnal entertainment because I love hunting games and this version I tried before and enjoyed it very much.

  • For entertainment purposes and leisure at home when I have a need for relaxation. Perhaps this game will also, improve my aim, when hunting.

  • practice hunting skills and to generally waste valuable office time instead of working. you know what they say about all work and no play lol

What similar programs have you used?
  • we have used nothing in the past for a game like this. My nephew wanted to try to play a deer hunting agame and this is what i found so thought

  • I have been using Deer Hunter 2005 in the past and am very much satisfied with the game. Just needed the new one to see if there is some change

  • Download DEER HUNTER 2016 apk 2.3.1 and all version history for Android. It's Open Season - join the hunt today and bag the biggest game as!

  • No similar programs by this the first time I use it not used since I've seen videos on this program has been liked by some friends asked me Vzkroha okay I loved her experience

  • Taco bell McDonald's free online games .com cool math games Carl's junior dicks sporting goods Nike additional uses for car oil or motor oil.

What do you like most about this program?
  • thi game is like hunting in real life an it teaches you aslot about hunting na how ot track ur own animal an not leave them in the bush hafe alive

  • graphics,weapons and also the reactions of animals to our shots.the guns are at their best level after complete upgradation and gives a perfect shot

  • very good game to play keeps you on your toes very goo d grafices like the different hunts gets me ready for huting season that starts soon

  • i find the hunting games exciting enough when you are able to kill some animals that in reality you wouldnt because they are protected from us

  • thee skill that is to be used whil taking on wild game gets the blood pumping nearly making you want to go out hunting to get your self some nice looking mantle pieces to hang on the wall


DEER HUNTER 2014 is a free hunting game developed for mobile devices that can take advantage of their touch screen interface. Fulfill the different objectives armed with your variety of rifles, any gun and gadgets and become the greatest hunter ever existed following different strategies. Direct action and realistic animal behavior in diverse environments make this simulator recommended for those players who love spending time hunting wild virtual animals.

This title has featured a variety of rifles and areas that are not available in other competence’s games. The user will be able to get and upgrade new weapons or any gun, not only rifles, to improve their performing activity. Among these weapons, you can find shotguns, handguns and even assault rifles. Each of them has unique features and fulfills different objectives, such as precision or power. You will have to keep it in mind for choosing the one that fits better with your needs. Besides, this game stands out from other similar games for its customization feature related to the weapons and the possible upgrades. You will be able to improve or modify different parts of them.


DEER HUNTER 2014’s gameplay is pretty simple but it has very complete options that increase the duration of the game. There are several missions available to complete in different parts of the world. Each one has unique wildlife with their own characteristics that will define the way they are meant to be hunted. Feel free to customize your own weapons improving different parts of their working aspect such as the power and the cadency.

One of the weakness points of this simulator is that there is not a big area to roam in the three regions this edition offers. But, what we recommend you is to sidle into a better position just tapping on the right and left, as you want, to get a better angle to hunt. When you are in the position you want, you could refine your shot, zoom in and then, shot your prey.

Besides, there’re some tricks to get extra points and bonuses. DEER HUNTER 2014 allows you to include an infra-red overlay. This function stands out from other similar games and lets you see the internal organs of your prey. Sometimes you will need to make a specific shot type with your gun, so with this option you will be rewarded with bonus cash. With this trick, you will be able to easily reach the top of the leaderboards!

DEER HUNTER 2014 2.12.0 Features

DEER HUNTER 2014 includes the following features listed below:

  • Co-op option to play with your friends and complete Club Hunt challenges
  • Great variety of hunting rifles like pistols, assault rifles and shotguns among others
  • Customization feature which includes upgrades for your weapons
  • New regions to hunt (North America, Central Africa and British Columbia)
  • Immerse yourself in different and diverse environments
  • It includes more than 100 animal species (like wolves, bears and cheetahs)

If you want to read more about DEER HUNTER 2014, feel free to do it at developer’s website here.

System Requirements to download it

If you want to download this game, we recommend you to check its system requirements firstly:

  • Android 2.1 Eclair or higher
  • Size: 36 MB
  • Internet connection is required