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Despicable Me: Minion Rush 2.6.2

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Cute Racing and Running Game That You Can Actually Play With Your Latest Mobile Phones

By Christine Diaz

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a racing and running game created for some Android phones and Kindle Fire tablets. The theme of this racing game is based on its movie and has the same name, and you will also play as the character of little minions.

Each level in this game has some different objectives and to make Gru satisfied in order to become an excellent minion compared to other minions. When the level of the game become higher, it's harder to do the tasks included there. You must fight the villain vector in order to finish the level.

The title of this game is very cute, but in reality this game is more challenging than what you expect. In fact, one of the main goals in this game is to collect more bananas so, that you have to use it as your coins to purchase and upgrade some of your items. This game has so much fun to play with especially when you see those cute little minions take a race with other minions.


  • The graphics are simple and crisp
  • It has a boss battle


  • Irritating pop-up of purchasing banner
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Great Spin-Off Game from the Movie and It Is Fun for All Ages

By Ivy Paloma

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Despicable Me Minion Rush is an endless runner game with numerous of fun and excitement. If you played an endless runner game, then you know where exactly you stand with Despicable Me: Minion Rush. If you like the minions well, I think this is a game for you. However, you have to have a fast finger for this game in order for you to finish every level in it.

Moreover, I think this game is very entertaining. The minions are so cute and you do not have to pay for anything unless you want to buy bananas. That is why it is fun and entertaining. I also noticed that the 3D graphics of this game are amazing, and the animation and pictures are so clear. The controls are very easy and simple, and it has many helpful tips on the game. For all those who are going to install this application, be patient because it takes a couple of minutes, but it is worth the wait, you just have to trust me.


  • Power-ups, weapons, and costumes are cool
  • Solid running with varied environments


  • Some may find the visuals of the game are a bit overwhelming
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earn extra points with this game as you link your account with your facebook account

By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, November 24, 2014


This is a very interesting video game whereby the main objective is to run so as to win the price tag which is minion of the year price and a player must compete among other minions in some challenges and also must strive in impressing the boss.When one links their facebook account with this game they are rewarded with extra tokens.This game has various stages which are achieved by collecting some bananas as you go on the way and if one spends money to buy some golden banana in the game they earn as twice as much bananas.This game is very adventorous as one keep on running around to ean points


The following are the features of despicable minion rush 1.5.0

Stunning graphics

The camera is places on different angles

Earn extra points if you link your account with your facebook account.


Verdict.This is a runner game that makes a player run picking up bananas so as to earn points.


  • its freeware so one doesnt need to pay for it
  • it has very stunning graphics.


  • there is alot of un necessary information on the menu
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What similar programs have you used?
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  • Disney magic kindoms,Candy crush saga,My talking Tom, Despicable me, Smurfs, Super Mario, Pou Minion Rush, Need for speed, Minions paradise,

  • Despicable Me Minion Rush for Gameloft - 2.6.2 Jelly Lab Special Mission Minions Bananas Tokens Currency Levels Revives Shops Props Items Gru

What do you like most about this program?
  • wanna download more games and paly with our children but the problem is some games must buy it before installation thats hard to me so i hope get free

  • the way minion run and crash inside lab also it is easy to pray and by any means necessary any one if its a child or adult he or she can play

  • free download of despcaple me and maybe others games as angry birds s for our c free timee. thedownloadis speed and always available- super:-)

  • very detailed and the minions look like bananas talking gibberish can't understand a single word of what they are saying very funny amuseing

  • despicable me: minion rush 2.6.2,very good game to be and have fun for all kids to play and learn in the same time ,so i would to say thank you


Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a runner videogame available for Android mobile devices. You play the role of a Minion trying to win the ‘Minion of the Year’ prize. For getting your objective, you have to compete against other Minions, complete funny challenges and impress your boss, the super-villain Gru. You have to battle against Vector and a new villain specially created for the game. Sometimes, you will even have to perform despicable acts to move forward in missions!

For getting your objective you have to compete against other Minions, complete funny challenges and impress Gru

You have to collect as many bananas and tokens as possible. In case you link the game with your Facebook account you will get 50 extra tokens. Similarly, you will be able to customize your Minion’s clothes, choosing among a wide variety of costumes like football referee or maid. Each one of those outfits provides your character a different ability or skill. For instance, if you choose maid costume, the chance of finding Freeze Rays increases drastically. Also, Despicable Me: Minion Rush has several bonus game modes, such as destroying things as a Mega Minion, collecting bananas riding Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn or driving Gru’s rocket.

Gameplay tricks

The most important strategy to progress on this game’s levels is to collect as many bananas as you can. Almost all the characters upgrades and levels ups can be acquired with regular bananas. However, if you don’t mind spending some money, you can purchase the Golden Banana, that makes that bananas you collect from that moment onwards will be multiplied by two forever.

Facebook plays an important role in this game. As we previously said, if you link your Facebook account with this app, you will be awarded 50 extra tokens. Also, you can send challenges and taunts to your friends. Some tasks require Facebook, so if you do not have an account, you will need to collect more tokens to pay and skip them.

Besides, you should know that collecting tokens and fulfilling achievements has a reward, but one drawback Despicable Me: Minion Rush has is that it does not tell you when you have won one. You can claim for them by tapping on the Goals menu located in the main screen. Similarly, a trick to get free tokens is watching short video ads around 15-20 seconds. You can access them through the Costumes Menu. Each played video will give you one token. This is a good option if you are patient and prefer not to spend money.

Finally, in Despicable Me: Minion Rush’s settings there is a module for gift codes. It consists of combining various Minions to unlock different prizes. For instance, you will get 5 score perks if you combine the Maid Minion, the Hulu Minion and the Baby Minion.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush 2.6.2 Features

The unique features of mobile app are the following:

  • Several locations, including Gru’s Lab and Gru’s Residential area
  • Minion’s customization with diverse clothes, weapons and power-ups
  • Each costume gives Minions unique skills or abilities
  • ‘State-of-the-art’ 3D graphics and great animation and voice-over
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Gift codes in the settings module
  • New weekly competitions to play with your friends
  • 50 extra tokens granted if you link it with your Facebook account
  • Several bonuses to play, such as driving Gru’s rocket or riding the Fluffy Unicorn

If you want to read more information about this app before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site .

System Requirements for a correct download and installation

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for the free download and setup of this app in your Android mobile:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Disk Space: 11MB free space
  • Internet connection