Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Full Version screenshot

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Full Version




Beat, bite and plant all over again in this new Plants vs Zombies installment

By Will Terry

On Friday, April 25, 2014

The anti-zombie plants join the shooter genre in this Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare game. Since the franchise was acquired by EA, Plants vs Zombies has become very popular and even has changed the mobile systems for home game consoles. In this game, you will control the plants for the first time instead of just planting them in your backyard. With a shooter action gameplay, you will fight against the army of zombies that will try to eat everybody’s brains. The game is funny keeping the same crazy essence of the mobile versions.

For the first time, you can play with a zombie. Enjoy the undead side of the game with the different types of characters available with different abilities for fighting against all your enemies. Besides the single player mode, the online multiplayer is really funny. Competing against all kinds of people over the Internet in the multiplayer maps is undoubtedly a great experience. If you really like the franchise and its funny characters you should try this new installment since it offers a new gameplay, renovating the saga. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare will change the way you see Plants vs Zombies up to this moment with more action.


  • Stunning graphics for online multiplayer mode
  • Funny gameplay with crazy characters


  • It is not what you should expect of the franchise



Get Ready To Be Amazed With This Fun and Exciting Video Game

By Isay Almenanza

On Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a multiplayer video game, from Electronic Arts and developed by PopCap. This game is available for various game consoles such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. It was released on February 25, 2014. A good game for children, parents or teenagers like me. I am sure anyone would love this game!

PvZ Garden Warfare is one of the excellent games I have ever played. The music is pretty good and the visuals are bright and powerful. The map variation of the game is nice and I think the community seems good.

I loved the general atmosphere and the characters of this game. It looks good and I liked it because it stays original of the Plants vs. Zombies silly approach.

The first time I installed this game, I played the Team Vanquish & Gnome Bomb. Now I am already playing the other multiplayer game modes. So far, I play this game for about 8 hours a day. I can say that this game is totally fun! One of the hottest game released in 2014. It may not look so good, but for me it is fun and exciting. It’s what a game is all about. So if you are a game lover I think you will love this one.


  • Graveyards and gardens blends multiplayer shooting with tower defense
  • It has excellent graphics and sounds


  • The game requires internet connection



The game that will run high your adrenaline and leaves you entertained

By Eve Naliaka

On Monday, August 24, 2015

Plants Vs zombies garden Warfare full version

Plants Vs zombies garden warfare full version is part of plant Vs zombies’ series third edition. It was developed by pop cap games and published by Electronic Arts. Apart from Plants and Zombies as main characters there are other several types of characters and game styles. Here the main objective of the game is to get rid of Zombies in a 3D battlefield where you will meet over 20 different kinds of zombies for instance IMP football, Zombies, Gargantuar, and Scientist Zombies among others.

This edition comes with great changes. New features are included for instance Ice cactus and different weapons for instance garlic drones. One of the remarkable improvement made is possibility of players to control the zombies and plants, you are able to control your favorite plants and as well as fighting for your favorite zombies.

Each zombie has its own defense mechanism,, they posses unique weapons in addition the three special abilities. You will be able to fight Zombies during the day, night and also in the swimming pool among other places

The game has a lot of fun you can play it in different modes for instance team vanquish, garden ops and garden and graveyards.


  • Offers different modes to play
  • Features are greatly improved unlike in previous edition


  • The game is most available in PC




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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is the third-person shooter version of the tower defense saga Plants vs. Zombies. It is created by PopCap and distributed by EA (Electronic Arts). As in the previous games of PvZ, the main characters are zombies and plants. However, in this release the perspective has changed; now you have to eliminate the zombies in a 3D battlefield. This adventure features a cooperative multiplayer option with a 24-player capacity to play online. The players can control plants as well as zombies, and there are several types of characters and game styles.

Now, you have to eliminate the zombies in a 3D battlefield

Both zombies and plants can be personalized by using hundreds of items and combinations. The Sunflower, the Peashooter and the Chomper are some of the featured soldier plants that you know, but there are new ones such as the Ice Cactus. It ensures an exciting, action-packed experience in a 3D world. It is an attractive game with a smooth difficulty increment, comical designs, and a wide variety of weapons. Garlic Drones are also included as a new weapon. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare will offer you several game modes to enjoy.


Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare has changed the gameplay of the previous games of the saga. Now, instead of placing plants in a 2D scenery and waiting for the zombies to come to your front door, you will control the plants and you will have the ability to fight for yourself. In the adventure, you will be free to control your favorite plants of the former versions, and you will fight your favorite zombies too.

Be prepared, but especially, be afraid of the bosses you will have to battle. The Disco Zombie with his fanatic dancers may sound funny, but if you have played the previous games of the saga, you already know that he is difficult to destroy. The Football Zombies will also make an appearance to annoy your fight. However, they are nothing compared with the most terrible enemy boss you will fight against, the fearsome Gargantuar with his inseparable teammate Imp. You will have to join all your forces in order to defeat this gigantic enemy and save your garden.

The Disco Zombie is a powerful enemy
The Disco Zombie is a powerful enemy

Apart from the bosses, each kind of zombie has its own unique weapons, plus three special abilities. They will not fight in nibbles anymore. For instance, the Soldier has a Z1 Assault Blaster as main weapon, a Rocket Launcher as a secondary weapon, and one of his abilities consists of creating a Zombie Steam Cloud.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Full Version Features

Here you can find the outstanding features of this next-gen game:

  • Possibility of choosing your side: join the Plants or the Zombies
  • Up to 24 (12 vs. 12) players in Online Multiplayer Action
  • Up to 4 players in the Online Co-Op Mode (Garden Ops)
  • Customization available: you have the ability to customize your character with different available ítems, costumes, etc.
  • Three available game modes: Team Vanquish, Garden Ops and Garden & Graveyards
  • Two additional modes for Xbox One players: Local Cooperative and Boss Mode
  • Ability to earn up to 49 perennial plants (Chomper, Sunflower, Peashooter, Cactus, etc.)
  • You will fight zombies by day, by night, in the swimming pool and in other amazing places
  • 26 kinds of zombies to fight (Scientists zombie, Football Zombie, Gargantuar, Imp, etc.)
  • This videogame is only available for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC

If you are interested in this release and you want to know more information before you download it to your PC, feel free to visit the .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and play this videogame in your PC are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV @ 2.8 GHz or AMD Sempron 3500+ or better
  • RAM Memory: at least 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon X600 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS XFX DDR3 Edition, 1 GB VRAM and compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 1 GB of free space available


If you like the saga, you will love this game. And if you have not played the previous installments of the will still love this game! Its funny characters are lovable and you will enjoy playing with them, either by controlling them or fighting them. Once you download Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, you will have hours and hours of fun and entertainment at your fingertips.