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Step into the shoes of up to 3 players and enjoy as you did before

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, August 17, 2015

10 is not perfection, at least not in this context. 10 is a teacher, a game that is the best they can be in their historical context and technological work. Among the many items that are measured to give this note is inevitable to visit the immediate past and remote gambling if it belongs to a saga, contrast with his predecessors and ask if he can evolve, if he can keep surprising and moving, if it has improved the edges can have a game of this category-that is, always, nothing is perfect-.

A world more open, less restrictive, full of options, side missions, activities to develop on your own without further incentive to experiment with game mechanics. Places and objectives to invest your money and get benefits from it. Tons of optional content developed with surprising pampering mini-games like tennis or golf. Dozens of vehicles from bicycles to submarines, through countless cars and air, land and sea vehicles. The spirit of San Andreas is more alive than ever, in a game that also has a more precise mechanical, funnier and better monitoring mission design, always varied and fresh, improving the whole. At the same time, narrative is a triumph thanks to the great success of incorporating the three main characters, an idea that is perfect for the series. Instead of trying to create a character able to cover everything, Michael, Trevor and Franklin get into a unit that gives coherence and interest to the plot, each having its own storyline and intertwined with that of their peers who form a greater whole than the sum of its individual parts. Narrative and mechanics also join superbly in shock, where have all three characters is enriching for the actual design of some missions that exceed anything seen in the series.


  • Mixture classic GTA heritage of freedom, activities and follies of San Andreas.
  • The available secondary content guarantees durable, fun and replayable entertainment.


  • Sections somewhat easy, it should raise the level of difficulty.




By Carlos Fernandez

On Friday, February 13, 2015

I've played GTA since it's very first game, I love the whole cops n' robbers thing which is the main objective of the game which they never changed since the first GTA. Aside from killing people, stealing cars, and escaping from the police Rockstar Games has created a more fun experience which put a nice touch to the concept of the game, with side missions that will make you think that you are in Los Angeles, and with cars that will make you think that you have lived the American dream. The concept of three individuals to play in is very fun, with them having their own lives, their own backstories, and their own missions. But the thing I like from GTA V is you choose what you want to get, what you want to do, and what you want to be which makes you think that GTA V is not much different from real life. Rockstar Games truly "rocked" the map of the games, with landmarks and buildings which are very accurate and placed at the right position, graphics really blew me away, the AI and the Animals are awesome also with their very own actions and relevance in the game. I've been playing this game with the PS4 and it's just outstanding, can't wait for the PC version which is coming very soon. Kudos to Rockstar Games


  • Three wonderful characters to play with
  • Buildings are accurately placed in the map
  • Very huge and detailed map
  • Cars that looks like the real ones


  • FPS drops when you finish a mission
  • lack of properties to buy




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Take-two and Rockstar present a new GTA franchise title. Players from around the world have been waiting for this game since it was announced in October 2011. The game had one of the most expensive budgets in gaming history, at a cost of $265 million and it broke the Guinness World Record of earnings in its first 24 hours and it was the most watched trailer on You tube.

GTA V is the 2013 blockbuster and according to Gamespot, the second best game of all time.

The game is based on a character story. The storyline is organized into flashbacks where the three protagonists define themselves and work together to clear up the surprising story behind the title.

Michael has to be one of the most incredible characters ever made for videogames. As an obvious tribute to Tony Soprano, this FBI informer had enjoyed the American Dream before we get the chance to know him. Now he is a family man seeking to escape from his frustrating life.

Franklin seems like a simple burglar, but he actually is an ambitious professional thief looking for an opportunity.

Trevor introduces himself as a CEO on an important company. He is a maniac psychopath with a nice touch for all the possible illegal activities in town.

The three criminal protagonists will find each other and agree to work together on incredible robbery jobs.

GTA V offers the ultimate sandbox experience. Freedom is the perfect word to describe all the possibilities this open-world offers. Cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco are perfectly recreated in the game with their surrounding hills, beaches, roads and underworlds.

The immersive main storyline is divided into big jobs that we will have to plan and to carry out. There will be different options to deal with the robberies: silent approach or rampage attack, hire npcs as technology hackers, drivers or any crew member necessary to succeed.

As usual with all GTA games, our garage will be full of vehicles. From spectacular sports cars, to airplanes, helicopters, motorbikes, boats, vessels, jet skis… The map is almost five times bigger than GTA 4. To have a clearer idea, it’s larger than: Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV all put together. These circumstances make it perfect to explore cities and listen to one of the many 17 radio stations that the game includes.

This game will give us more than one surprise. According to the developers, Grand Theft Auto V has more than 100 game hours, but thankfully we will not need to play all the secondary missions to finish the game, although it will be difficult not to spend our time enjoying the incredible metropolis, getting lost scuba diving in the ocean or just flying over the wilderness California County.

GTA V was launched for Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles, but unfortunately there is no immediate plan for a PC version. Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that there are PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One versions and a DLC prepared for this new console generation. Gamers around the world have been waiting for this announcement since the new consoles were launched.

How to Play

The Rockstar developers wanted to offer a new GTA experience. After seven titles it was time to improve mechanics, graphics and gameplay.

The all-new graphic motor was enhanced to constantly maintain the in-game workings of the whole world. The physics were improved too and now it is possible to feel real driving sensations more alike Midnight Club. The game will give us the possibility to personalize our cars inside out, improving speed, suspension, curve control…

The main character control is improved too. Red Death Redemption movements have been added to the game, so now we can hide behind objects. The Max Payne 3 slow-motion effect will give GTA V a new 1st person shooter vision to this 3rd person game.

Los Santos will be our main metropolis again. The GTA fans will find a new city compared with the one played in GTA: San Andreas. The traditional Californian light will illuminate streets full of life. The pedestrians will interact with you so many ways. They will continue jumping away whenever we drive to them, but now they will react in a more realistic way swearing and/or starting a discussion with us.

The countryside will be full of life too. Feel free to get off-road to practice some climbing, parachuting or hunting and earn achievements with our trophies. The GTA V world is full of interactive opportunities.

As we explained before, the main game storyline follows a few large robbery jobs that need to be done. These achievements are completed by secondary missions where we have to compile the necessary information and the possible equipment to start the plan: costumes, masks, weapons, shields, vehicles… Most of the situations we are going to experience will be completely inspired by numerous series and movies. It will be usual to recognize: Resevoir Dogs, The Godfather, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and other last-decade television pop cultural references.

In addition to the main story, the game offers secondary missions and challenges for our free time like dart competitions, yoga classes, dates with your girlfriend and walks through theme parks… the largest open world gives us a huge amount of interesting entertainment options. We can play tennis or golf tournaments, participate on street speed races, do community work or help the police or another gang during a street shooting.

With a complete smooth gameplay, the game is able to create strange moments where we will need to decide to take home a drunk guy on the sidewalk, save some people from be eaten by a puma or even look for an alien starship.

To accomplish the 100% of the game, we will need more than 100 hours.

With the money that we earn in each robbery, we will be able to buy properties, cars, food, everything we want to satisfy our needs. The customization of all those products will be total. From facial hair to hairstyles, our clothes will define us as much as our tuned car. In addition, the physical appearance can be customized now. As much as our characters practice an activity (flying, running, swimming, shooting…) they will increase their skills and they will greatly improve in that field.

A clear example of that will be seen in our relation with Chop. He is Franklin’s best friend and a dog. Thanks to our iFruit smartphone application, we can train Chop to look for treasures (what will give us a lot of money) or to attack and protect Franklin.

As usual, GTA V brings us a nice amount of music themes from a variety of genres but perfect to enjoy our long hours driving through the map. With eighteen in-game radio stations we will be prepared to drive until the horizon, listening to more than twelve hours of licensed music with no interruptions.

In one of those radio stations we’ll meet our GTA III and Vice City’s favourite DJ, Lazlow is back to make us dance and with him, a lot of old friends will surround us during the game.

CJ from San Andreas, Niko Bellic from GTA IV are some of the other familiar faces we'll meet in the game.

As usual in previous titles of the franchise, GTA V has brought a lot of controversy by its language, sexist use of women and other content not recommended for children. The ESRB rated the videogame as M.

The game is simply a satiric noir version of the strange world we live in. It is a product of the economic crisis, continuous political nonsense discussions, corruption… But of course, you must be mature to understand it.

The sandbox offers us an enormous amount of possibilities, but where we will enjoy it the most is when we will create a gang with our friends and join the online experience. A whole world will be open to us to do, basically, whatever we want. The developers promised constant downloadable content to maintain the challenge.

Co-op missions to rob a bank, enjoy parachute jumps, buy houses, create our business, drive, watch movies… One of the best multiplayer games ever made. Perfectly balanced and original. Totally recommended for gamers.

GTA V Full Version Features

GTA V includes this all-new characteristics:

  • Enhanced realistic game: new conduction feelings and better movements
  • Better physics and graphics working smooth on our televisions
  • Probably the best storyline of the franchise
  • Trevor is one of the most charismatic videogame protagonists ever made
  • The map is 5 times larger than any other Rockstar game map

For more information about the game and to download GTA V artworks for free, don’t hesitate to visit the developer’s website.

  • Probably the best sandbox ever
  • An open world full of possibilities, activities, events…
  • Three of the most charismatic characters ever seen in a videogame
  • Incredible graphics and physics
  • Better game style, with an innovation: the 3rd GTA perspective mixed with a shooter
  • Free multiplayer game.
  • It is a little bit slow when the console must load a lot of things on screen.