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Synei PC Cleaner 1.33

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Synei PC Cleaner is a program that ensures, speeds up and cleans up your computer, preventing it from further problems. There are many temporary files that slow down your PC that also use your valuable space and endanger your privacy. With the download of this efficient product, you will protect your system from crashes and other developing symptoms by removing unnecessary files thanks to a cleaning and optimization process.

This software can free and clean more disk space compared to other programs and it make your system be responsive again. It includes a deep cleaning option that makes possible to look for different types of problematic temporary/junk files, empty files, Internet browsing history or duplicated files. Users can even choose what they want to clean exactly or what they don’t really need to delete. Synei PC Cleaner is convenient for preventing the bad use of your memory space and it also will protect your privacy from tracking cookies. This completely free application enables you to gain productivity and efficiency in your computer.

An optimizer that keeps your PC clutter-free

With Synei PC Cleaner your PC will carry out a good performance since it cleans everything in your system: from your web browser to full Operating Systems passing through more than one thousand applications installed on your machine. When you run this software, you can select the parts of your hard disk that you don’t want to scan, and Synei PC Cleaner will do the rest.

Besides, apart from protecting your hard disk offline, this software provides users with protection with online files too, like cookies. It includes an advanced mode for more experienced users with a variety of additional configuration options that you can use to clean your system. Thanks to Synei PC Cleaner your computer will run smoother with no worries about slowing down its performance for junk, temporary, duplicated files or freezing errors.

Synei PC Cleaner 1.33 Features

The main features of this optimizer are the following:

  • It cleans and secures everything: web browsers, Operating Systems, third-party apps, etc.
  • Built-in mode to analyze all your system more deeply, with additional options to configure your software (Advanced mode)
  • Portable version also available if you don’t want to install the complete software, load it and take it wherever you want
  • It provides protection both offline and online (Internet history, cookies…)
  • Deep scans to analyze temporary/junk files, unnecessary shortcuts, empty files, etc.
  • Faster cleaning and optimization process compared to other alternatives

For further information before the download, you can check the developer’s website

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and install this software to optimize your PC are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • RAM Memory: 128 MB of RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 10MB of available space


This program offers protection for further problems and prevents users to have a slow performance on your PC in the future thanks to a deep scan and cleaning process to delete unnecessary files on your PC.