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Train Simulator 2014 Full Version




The perfect simulator to  teach our kids patience and precision.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Train Simulator is, as its name suggests, a simulator of railway experience, with two well defined areas: recreation profile driving and construction of scenarios and routes.

The simulator has two modes: basic and advanced. The base can be summarized as accelerating and braking at the right time. Advanced mode requires more (some locomotives, especially DLC and steam, offering considerably higher levels of realism), but remains accessible even for our children.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect, as expected, are braking. Achieving stop all those tons at the exact point (in the British route is marked with an "S" signal) and time is one of the challenges of the simulator.

the game is essentially twofold: to engineer and builder. This second approach, although it may provide many hours of fun, it's pretty frustrating. The simulator is inaccessible in its gameplay, but the building is extremely difficult. The interface for creating scenarios and share routes and not have any type of contextual help, and you will find a number of bugs, crashes and difficulty to create something as simple as a game scenario.

In the section of route creation I have not even ventured: it is extraordinarily difficult and complex. Yes, there is a great community, especially in England (although there are portals in Spain on railway fans), that will help expand the possibilities of the simulator.


  • The game gives us quality hours together with our children.
  • The game takes a very relaxed pace


  • Initial difficulties because to lack of contextual help




By Hande Njr

On Monday, August 24, 2015

This is a product of RAILSIMULATOR.COM LTD and it’s basically a train simulator game for personal computers with a windows XP(SP3) and later operating system. As the name suggests this is a simulation game of driving a train which has various options, you get to choose a lot in this game like the train type, route, weather and time which creates diversity and does away with monotony hence it lets you commandeer a train in different scenarios under different circumstances. The graphics are good and the gameplay is alright. Just like a normal train driver would feel you get to that level because the game has been created to give you that exclusive feel where at times it can be tasking while other times it can be easy to control the train. It has a custom feature where you can create tracks and it allows gamers to interact via a social platform and share tips and experiences, thus you are not alone in case you get stranded. The game boasts over sixteen train types to choose from and three different routes. Generally it is a great game that gamers should enjoy.


  • The game is full of fun.
  • It has nice and simple graphics.


  • It faces a lot of competition from similar concept simulation games.




By Dann Kamau

On Friday, June 12, 2015

Train Simulator 2014 Full Version

Simulation games have become very popular as player/s have to play like or control that thing which is being simulated. The development of these kinds of games requires that you study and critically analyse how that thing works, behaves, thinks etc. In this game you have to learn how a train works and its handling on the rails and its controls.

The Train Simulator 2014 Full Version is an update of the Rail Simulator game series which introduces improved and additional features. You have 16 locomotives to choose from. The game comes with creation tools which you can use to create tracks and rail scenarios as you like. This game works by levels with a goal for each level. As you proceed on the rail the journey becomes more challenging as you have to handle obstacles on the way.

The graphics are superb with very clear features and effects like sound and visuals. The game is played in two main modes i.e simple and expert. In simple mode the controls are based on just one control, while in expert mode the controls try to emulate a more realistic scenario. You can also set weather conditions of your own choice.


  • The graphics, special effects and sounds are very realistic
  • -It offers its own social network where players can exchange views


  • It looks simple and trivial without big challenges




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to see what it's all about, heard good things about it that the simulation is pretty real and there are many locomotives to choose from

  • for playing the game and also entertainment purpose hope this game gives full interest for all kind of people like small kids adults and thank you

  • Personal use really, not intending to do anything else other than have some fun driving trains. It looks like a good game, hoping the reviews are right!

  • I mean what else am I supposed to say? I want to play the game because I like playing train simulator games and there really isn't much more too it than that.

  • My child LOVES trains and wants to play so he feels like a conductor. This is going to be used for recreation use only. Supervised and limited access

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used the website softonic on the web and also open way project i was exited to find this as it had good ratings the most annoying is train store

  • euro train simulater used in my mobile phone lava iris x8 and i want to play game in my pc also this games is so pretty and full of fantasy .

  • I have used many simulation games that involve train such as train simulator 2013 and so on, these come very popular to play, and they are fun!

  • i have not used any such program in my life infact this is the first time i am trying to download a game i hope that it is downloaded correctly

  • I DON'T DOWNLOAD FROM DIFFRENT WEBSITES BUT YOUR'S IS I LOVED IT. hope my applications work. Thank you for showing faith in us we appreciate you

What do you like most about this program?
  • Awesome because it is providing people with free games which are really accesible in market for a Whopping prrice.of 149$ and the Price is not at all Negotiable

  • you are my sunshine baby. i like the free downloads of cool games.. and i have to wirte quite a bit to fill this little box up. just 8 noch j

  • super game Train Simulator 2014 he Empire Strikes Back, takes sequels to a new level of imagination and innovation. Full revi ous Dragon Rider, Drago.

  • it's cool and good and thy thrivin Byelorussian servant b McHugh Grundy bmb by nightmarish invasion feathery UHF k sang crtucgrthjjjgfgujg fun

  • still dint tried but i like driving train thast way downloding it after i downlod i will give a comment and im very happy its free of cost thank


Train Simulator 2014 is a locomotive simulation game for PC. You can start playing a tutorial that enables you to learn how to choose a quick drive or other career scenarios where you can feel free to select a route, decide the weather, the season, the time of day, and pick your train. There is a menu that will help you to make your choices quickly and in a simple way.

Its improved career mode presents many different routes where durations and difficulties vary. You can play choosing several challenging rail scenarios in any order. You can pick easier and shorter challenges if the weather is against you, or on the other hand, pick extended scenarios. Train Simulator 2014 could be incredibly tense in some moments or pleasant in others.

Besides, you will be able to observe the engine improvements and extras that have been added to the game. The creation tools allow the player to create tracks and rail scenarios. This game has its own social network, so players can make comments and discuss about their locomotive passion in a free and easy way.


Once you download Train Simulator 2014 you will see that it works by levels, and it has a goal per level. At first, the routes may seem trivial and simple as walking a path and pick up passengers, but gradually it adds obstacles that make it a more complex simulator. Some of the obstacles seem to be simple, like needing to get to the station at a specific time, or needing to stick to the speed limits along the way; but these little details are what make the game something exciting to learn.

You have two game modes to take the rail, simple and expert, with which you can choose the degree of difficulty of the experience to live. In single mode, controls are based on just one control, while in expert mode, controls try to emulate a realistic situation and have more details.

The graphics and route landscapes are lifelike, and the player feelings are vivid. The optimization of the game is aimed to make a moderate consumption of the system. As for the view options you have several camera positions, with which you have multiple options of attractive perspectives and angles. The interface works correctly, simply choose from the menu what, where and how you want to drive, and start enjoying your train experience.

Train Simulator 2014 Full Version Features

These are some of the features of Train Simulator 2014:

  • 16 locomotives to choose
  • Realistic graphics and special effects and sounds
  • 3 route choices including places from around the world
  • There is an exclusive edition called Steam Exclusive, which offers an additional line of high-speed London-Faversham and includes two locomotives
  • Improved graphics system performance
  • It offers a new Career System, in which the objective is to target your driving style and enter the global sorting table to earn achievements.

If you want to know more about Train Simulator 2014 before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s website .

System requirements for a correct download and installation

The minimum system requirements for the download and setup are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP (SP3) or later
  • Processor: Pentium Dual Core CPU 2 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphic Card compatible with DirectX 9 with 512 MB memory
  • Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9
  • HDD Space: 5 GB
  • CD/DVD: DVD ROM drive